Would You Get an Android Nokia Smartphone? 

Phone Arena, a renowned website for smartphone specification information and in-depth reviews, made a dedicated poll last week to whether we still want an Android Nokia smartphone. The result is surprising.

About 40% of their 2580 respondents answered affirmatively and 51% is open for the possibility of having one given the phone is well-designed with top-notch specs. However, 9% said that it is too late for Nokia to open up a new road in Android market. Still, the result is very high. 

Nokia is purported to launch its first mid-range Android smartphone in February of 2017.


Nokia Rumors To Release Two High-End Devices Running On Android 7.0 Nougat

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Nokia devices in the market, but now the long wait is over. 

Last week, rumors had emerged after a specialist blog posted that Nokia may be gearing up for a major comeback to smartphone industry with two new “high-end” devices. According to Nokia Power User blog, the phones will come with a “premium metallic design” and will have the “famous Nokia feel”. 

The blog quoted that the information came from yet unnamed “trusted sources” and suggest that the device is more likely on its prototype phase for now. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about it until Nokia officially confirm the information.

The phones will run on Android 7 Nougat right out of their boxes. The devices is also said to have water and dust-resistant feature with IP68 rating, like the one we are seeing in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices. 

The devices will come in two variants, one with 5.2-inch display and other with 5.5-inch display. Though the information is unclear, we will be expecting the phones to feature OLED screen with 2K resolution (QHD).

The System UI is more likely be an improved version of Nokia Z Launcher based on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat with touch and hover interaction feature. The devices will also come with fingerprint scanner and sensors that are most sensitive ever based on Nokia’s wonder material graphene. 

In January 2015, Nokia released its first Android tablet in China running on Android Lollipop and was became a huge hit after  20,000 units have been sold for just about 4 minutes with 500,000 more people waiting outside to get their orders, an indication that there is so much hope left for Nokia.