​We are one step away from MWC 2017 and no one is more excited than Nokia fans. The potencial release of Nokia’s most iconic phone, The Nokia 3310, took the world by storm. 

Nokia 3310, which was released in 2000, is regarded by many as an “indestructable” piece of tech. Nokia 3310, is known for it’s colorful swappable faceplate, tremendous battery life and the highly addictive games at the time, Snake II, Space Impact and Bantumi. Nokia 3310 changed the way we perceive mobile phones other than its basic core function. 

As to what the Nokia 3310 2017 Edition packs, here is a tweet from renowned American blogger, editor, and phone leaker, Evan Blass.

The phone is said to sport a larger colored screen as opposed to 84×84 monochrome display from the original Nokia 3310. To reduce the inevitable sapping of battery, the screen is said to be a little less sharp. The new Nokia 3310 is also slimmer, lighter and more compact than the 2000 Edition.

The Nokia 3310 will run on Series 30+ OS, as opposed to recent leaks saying that the new handset will run on Android™. So imagine a Nokia 3310 with the Nokia 150 user interface.  

The revamped handset will also feature a swappable faceplate that is available in red, green and yellow. But we also expect more faceplate designs after its release.


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