We started the year clueless of whatever the Nokia is cooking for us this 2017 and we are all stunned when they finally announced it’s first Android smartphone right at the end of CES. The news spreaded easily like an epidemic and everyone is just so excited to get a hands-on. Then, there came the bad news. The device will only be available for sale in China via JD.com. Yes, we’re talking about the device that marked the Renaissance period of Nokia, the Nokia 6.  

It was reported that Nokia 6 got an astonishing 250,000 registrations via JD.com in just 24 hour even before the flash sale in 19th of January. It is despite the fact that the phone is not that well specced compared to other competitors such as Lenovo and Xiaomi. 

But the surprises didn’t end there. We are stupified when the Nokia 6 surpassed a whopping 1 million registrations just before the flash sale day. Then finally in January 19, the online flash sale via JD.com successfully ended in just 60 seconds. The Nokia 6 sells out in just a minute! 

Though JD.com didn’t officially confirmed if how many of the devices were actually sold, we expect it to be a lot more than a hundred thousand.  

We didn’t hear more about the second flash sale day but I expect it to be as successful as the first day. As for the international release of the device, Nokia has yet to announce that during MWC 2017 in Barcelona. 

Missed the specs? Click here


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